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5 Essential Techniques That Will Revolutionize the Construction Industry

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One of the most vibrant sectors today is the construction industry. It involves the development of buildings for residential, commercial and business purposes. This industry provides the basic human need for shelter. Like most other sectors, the construction industry is experiencing disruption by technology. The application of technological devices and concepts in the process of construction will cause strategic changes in this field.

Angelo D’Alessandro Michigan

Here is how the construction industry will be disrupted by these technologies.

Agility at scale made possible by technology:

Constructing large buildings is an expensive activity that normally takes quite a lot of time. However, technology is shortening this time by a big fraction. This is the power of agility at scale. This concept combines data gathering, process automation and the use of prefabricated building sections. By using this strategy, construction companies can build structures in record time while maintaining structural integrity.

3D printing:

This is a method of creating physical objects using a laser-guided mechanism. It is a major disruptive technology in the field of construction. In 3D printing, objects which have complex curves, layers and artistic decorations can be made. It is very difficult to make them by hand or using traditional tools and implements. A major advantage is that the process can be automated to make multiple copies at a time.

Performing building inspection using drones:

One of the activities which are performed during construction is an inspection. It is a quality control activity. Before a single brick is laid, inspection is performed to assess the quality of the building materials, the soil consistency, vegetation cover, and surface space. This is done even at building heights such as the 30th floor. Since it is quite dangerous to do this in person, drones have taken over the job.

Building information modeling (BIM):

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the creation of images that contain intelligent, detailed and interactive 3D models of buildings. Tremendous information management is performed to bring BIM models to life. This is a major change in the construction industry. By using these building models, all the information about a particular building project can be brought into one collective spot.

Augmented reality:

This is one of the foremost virtual imaging technologies available today. It is where pictures, icons, and data can be overlaid on images of actual subjects in real-time. By using AR, you can look through the lens of your smartphone or tablet and see more information about the subject of your image. It is especially important in highlighting hazards before they occur. In this way, you can assess if the schedule of construction will be affected.

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